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About us
Enhanced Development For Green Enterprise

Each product of EDGE is oriented towards international green criteria, environmental protection, and community protection, and actively contributes to limiting the impacts of global climate change.

About us
Enhanced Development For Green Enterprise JSC., - EDGE

Enhanced Development For Green Enterprise JSC., – EDGE is an investor and a developer of civil, industrial and logistics real estate projects. We are committed to contributing to the formation of real estate products of sustainable value for the community and environmental protection.

The EDGE team are close combination of the sense of responsibility, a deep understanding of each real estate field and the most careful attention to the needs of customers. We provide products under the motto “most effective and best to use” – the most effective in investment and the best to use with regard to the balance of all factors from short-term to long-term vision, from economic benefits to the environment, and from individuals to the community.

Our fields of real estate project development and management include:

  1. Development of urban areas
  2. Development of housing projects
  3. Development of resort and hotel projects
  4. Development of industrial zones
  5. Development of logistics infrastructure works

We believe that the core value of each property does not only stem from a single stage of design or construction, but results from the entire development process, from master planning to detailed design.


Building and developing products of core value, or sustainable and eternally green products that can be long-lasting. Enhanced Development For Green Enterprise JSC. EDGE has the mission of building and popularizing product lines with green works standards according to international criteria, towards energy saving and environmental protection.


EDGE highly values meticulous work and management to every detail.


Smart solutions, approaches can bring high quality products and effective projects.


EDGE appreciates hard work and considers the hard work of each member as the only way to create products of full value.


EDGE identifies effective performances as an important factor; however, only effective and highly competitive enterprises can survive in the market.


EDGE values responsibility and accountability for their products, not only for the end users but also for the society as a whole. All EDGE products meet international green criteria such as LEED (USA), BCA (Singapore), LOTUS (Vietnam), EDGE (IFC)…

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